Marine Canvas & Interior

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Dennis E. Miller, president of Miller’s Custom Boat Top Inc., has called his present location at Belle Maer Harbor home since the service building was built in 1984.  His company crafts and installs canvas and enclosures on as many as 350 boats—most 35 to 60 feet (not including repairs and smaller jobs). 

“We have our own niche,” he explains, “We don’t work with hard acrylic panels, but rather we work with polycarbonate windows, a semi-rigid window material, and the end result looks just like glass. Our customer is probably more discriminating when it comes to quality and craftsmanship, and we enjoy a good reputation.”

Dennis Miller’s crew consists of his sister-in-law, Terri Bierlein, Terri’s son, Jesse Bierlein and Niko Eklund. 

While the summer season is typically their busiest, they manage their workflow carefully and pride themselves on offering exceptional quality and value any time of year.

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Belle Maer Harbor
41700 Conger Bay Drive
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Ph: (586)465-4534
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